Top 2 Online Businesses You Can Use To Replace Your Salary In 2024

In these uncertain and even worrying financial times of increasing living costs, and reducing house and investment values, it’s now more important than ever to create a side income for yourself and your family.

To help you make the right choice in deciding which option is the best for you, Income Stream Review’s team of passive income experts have reviewed over 150 top online business opportunities that are available in 2024.

Of those 150 online business opportunities reviewed, only the best 2 have been selected below. This Top 2 shortlist was selected based on a number of key criteria, including the time taken to start to make money, the overall earning potential, the reputation and experience of the business or course provider, and  the initial amount of investment required to get started.

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Top 2 Online Businesses You Can Use To Replace Your Salary In 2024

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Create Ebooks / Kindle Books

  • Sell in scale through Amazon
  • Use ghost writers if you wish to
  • Very scaleable, low touch model
  • Can be extremely profitable

Sophie Howard

  • Multi-Millionaire Amazon seller
  • Best selling Amazon author
  • Leading authority on kindle publishing


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  • Sell through Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and more
  • Established industry that’s growing year-on-year
  • Uses sophisticated technology
  • Replicatable process

Rachel Rofe

  • Selling online since 1997
  • Featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, CNN
  • NY Times bestselling author


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a side hustle is right for me

If you are looking to increase your income, or if you wish to create a side income which gradually increases over time, then it might be the case that a side hustle is right for you. Side hustles are not limited to driving Ubers, selling services as a freelancer, or even delivering UberEats. Side hustles also include online businesses, which often take a little bit of upfront investment to get started. But if you are willing to put in some effort and follow the training provided, then often the initial investment can be made back, with the long term potential to replace your existing income.

Do I need to build website and learn advertising

Very often this is not the case. The specifics of each side hustle or online business is different however. Each online business will have a different way of generating revenue and ultimately profits for you to take out of the business. The specifics of which need to be studied to maximise your financial results.

What is a Workshop

A Workshop is an interactive learning experience that takes place online. It involves attending a scheduled information session that is designed to help participants learn a specific skill or topic, in this instance starting an online business. You simply select the time that you are available to attend, and click on he provided link when the scheduled time arrives. This could be very soon after registering for the workshop, or it could be later on in the day. If you are unsure of what link you need to click on to attend the workshop, you can always check your emails as you should have been sent an access link after registering for your workshop of choice.

Do I need money to get started

Some online business courses require a small investment in order to get started. In the scheme of things this investment can be very little, especially if you are looking to replace your full time income eventually. The upfront investment would pay for the education services provided, as the course in question might have taken years and 1,000's of hours to perfect.

Who is Income Stream Review

Income Stream Review offers information on the best online business opportunities from around the globe. Find out what online business opportunities are available, what they involve, and are most suited to your individual experience and ambitions. Be it a few hours a week, day, or even a full time opportunities, Income Stream Review puts in front of you passive income stream opportunities to meet a variety of needs. These needs can differ greater, and is why we review 100's of different online business opportunities globally. So even if you are in your 60's, 50's, 40's, 30's and even younger, Income Stream Review is your go to place to review and select the right online business to start or build on your wealth creation, freedom and time generation journey.

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