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Discover the Secret to Generate Ongoing Passive Income

  • Brand New Online Income Method
  • No Technical Knowledge or Skills Needed
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How to Create Your Passive Income Stream

Discover a loophole that will allow you to get paid month in and month out from Amazon - for uploading something once

Work Once, Earn Ongoing

Learn how you can turn 2 hours of work into a potential income stream, then just rinse and repeat as many times as you like!

Digital Assets

How to leverage easy-to-make digital assets to potentially set up an ongoing, completely passive income stream

Just Some Of What You’ll Discover On This Workshop…


Discover Why Almost Anyone Can Make a Bunch of Money By Selling Books, Even If You Totally Failed 5th Grade English, And Couldn't Write To Save Yourself


Why This Is The Fastest And Easiest Business Model To Get Started, Even If You Have Nothing To Sell (Especially If You Have Nothing To Sell)


Forget Creating a Website, Building An Email List, Dealing With Suppliers, Driving Traffic!! This is The Perfect Model To Avoid All Of That!

About Your Host

Sophie Howard

Bestselling Author, 7 Figure Digital Entrepreneur

Sophie Howard is a bestselling author, speaker and successful online entrepreneur.
Around 6 years ago, she discovered a system to create a side income online in as little as 30 - 60 minutes a day.
Since then she has set up more than 1,000 potential income streams on Amazon… quit her Government job… paid off her mortgage by selling a side hustle business for $1 million… and given her family financial security.
She has also educated thousands of ordinary people in how to set up potential side income streams in their spare time.
The secrets you'll discover at this live workshop have changed Sophie's life. Because they give her plenty of time to enjoy with her two little ones (and go skiing which is her other passion).
If you apply them, they could change your life, too.
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