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What’s your goal for creating an online business?

  • To create a side income / hustle
  • To escape the 9-5 and replace my salary
  • To fund my retirement

How much time per day can you dedicate to get started?

  • 30 min, or less
  • 1 hour, give or take
  • Several hours

How soon do you wish to start making money from your online business?

  • Within weeks, if possible
  • In a few months sounds reasonable

Are you prepared to invest some funds initially into your online business to help get it stared?

  • Yes, I understand that it’s unrealistic to not invest a little bit to start a online business
  • No, I have literally no money available and won’t do this
  • Any business or side hustle that you will start will require some form of upfront investment.
    Are you aware of this?


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